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Really disappointed, I ordered bagels and chicken at 12.15, it’s now 1.45 and they still haven’t arrived, I have called numerous times since 1.15 and no-one is answering the phone. I’m going out at 2, I guess I’ll be going out very hungry - thanks. I expect a full refund please. You’ve lost a customer because this is now the third time this has happened.

Amanda, 18 Sep 2020

I visited your new gelato/icecream shop in Upminster with my 2 grandchildren on Saturday 16th November 2019 at about 2.30pm-3pm I ordered 2 make your own waffles with vanilla ice cream, bubblegum sauce & peanut mm's, I also ordered a skinny latte for myself - I believe I paid about £12 on arriving a male who took my order was more interested in a staff member returning some change to him from another transaction, I waited a number of minutes and had to repeat my order to him as he was clearly distracted, We waited for our order to arrive, which when It did both waffles looked amazing, my 2 grandsons began to eat their waffles, at this stage I had not received my coffee, and got up to ask for it, to find it had been given to another customer, who had also not received their correct order, the customer then gave me my coffee, the young girl who was serving us was very apologetic, As I was cutting my younger grandsons food for him, he had eaten quite a bit, I found a hair, I could not say if this was a human hair, but was within the actual waffle, not on top of the food, now whilst my hair is blond & had it have been my hair, I would not have returned the food or made a complaint. I then gave the plate including the hair to a member of staff, who then passed this to the male, who I had given my order to on entering the shop, the male then came over to our table, and said was not his or any of the staff's, and then said it was blond and intimated to me that it was mine, I said that it was actually within the food, and not on top and was not happy that he had suggested that it was mine, I then asked for a refund to which I was refused, and offered another item to which I refused, I had just found a hair in my grandsons food and felt rather queasy, and was thinking of not returning to this shop, he then said company policy is not to return monies, but to offer another product I find this most unsuitable, please see consumer rights act 2015 (Shoppers are entitled to a refund where something is faulty, substandard) I would suggest a hair in food is faulty, substandard I was not offered a contact email or phone number for a complaint, so then went to the shop next door which Is also owed by yourselves and asked for the manager, the girl then said it was the man in the ice cream parlour who had served me, I then asked for a contact number for complaints and was told to do this via online with no email address given to me, I paid cash for the waffles & coffee giving the male a £20 note and realised as I had left the shop, that I had not been given a receipt for the goods, and did think to return to ask for 1, but i had my young grandchildren with me and I did not want to have a disagreement with the manager in front of them, I am sending this email as a formal complaint and expect a reply as soon as possible, Sincerely Tracy Armes

Tracy Armes , 16 Nov 2019

  Reply : Dear Madam. Hi I am the Manager who served you. I did apologized to you that day. I would like say you sorry about your bad experience. I request you a visit again. Please give me another chance to make you feel great about our place and my service. I would like to invite you and your grandchildren one more time to visit us. Your food and drinks will be on the house from me. Please don't be upset. Give me another chance please visit us and ask for Hassan (myself).